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  • Swetland Publishing Company — Swetland Publishing Company, was founded in 1904 by Horace Monroe Swetland (1853 1924), an American entrepreneur who founded several publishing houses. Swetland Publishing Company owned The American Architect. [Horace M. Swetland, The Chautauqua… …   Wikipedia

  • Aerosol — Technically, an aerosol is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in a gas. Examples are smoke, oceanic haze, air pollution, and smog. In general conversation, aerosol usually refers to an aerosol spray can or the output of such… …   Wikipedia

  • ITER — is an international tokamak (magnetic confinement fusion) research/engineering proposal for an experimental project that will help to make the transition from today s studies of plasma physics to future electricity producing fusion power plants.… …   Wikipedia

  • Particulate — Particulates, alternatively referred to as particulate matter (PM) or fine particles, are tiny particles of solid or liquid suspended in a gas. In contrast, aerosol refers to particles and the gas together. Sources of particulate matter can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Schmidt Island — Schmidt Island, Ostrov Shmidta in Russian, is part of the Severnaya Zemlya group in the Russian Arctic. It is located at the far northwestern end of the archipelago. This island is the nothermost one in the group and is quite detached from the… …   Wikipedia

  • McMurdo Dry Valleys — Coordinates: 77°28′S 162°31′E / 77.467°S 162.517°E / 77.467; 162.517 Dry Valleys redirects here. For other uses, see …   Wikipedia

  • Kigluaik Mountains — The Kigluaik Mountains are a forty two mile mountain chain running east to west on western Alaska s Seward Peninsula. It s highest point is the summit of Mount Osborn, at 4,714 feet (1437 meters) above sea level. This remote range is home to… …   Wikipedia

  • Henry Kater Peninsula — The Henry Kater Peninsula (coord|69|23|N|68|3|W)cite web |url= kater peninsula.html |title=Henry Kater Peninsula |accessdate=2008 09 22 |] is a peninsula on northern Baffin Island, in… …   Wikipedia

  • Eselspinguin — (Pygoscelis papua) Systematik Klasse: Vögel (Aves) Ordnung …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Sheldon K. Friedlander — Sheldon Kay Friedlander (* 17. November 1927 in New York; † 9. Februar 2007 in Los Angeles) war ein US amerikanischer Aerosolforscher und Ingenieur. Leben Friedlander, der in der Bronx geboren wurde, wuchs in New York auf und machte 1949, nach… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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